Spunky Rikku Cosplay Has Fun in the Sun

Rikku is kind-hearted, spirited, happy-go-lucky, and energetic, which sometimes clashes with the more stoic group members. Rikku is bilingual and skilled in chemistry and alchemy.  Rikku is also very loyal to Yuna—whom she affectionately calls “Yunie”—and is the most vocal opponent against the ongoing pilgrimage. She bonds with Tidus, perhaps because of their similar personalities and devotion to Yuna. Rikku remains the ever upbeat and somewhat reckless individual, occasionally causing trouble for her friends, and also remains insecure about her future.


Sarah Fong did such a great job on her Rikku – I’m blown away! The detail on her build is just incredible – from the beads in her hair down to the ombre dye/weave on the scarf! She did a really fantastic job on the color matching – being sure to use the iconic true colors in her fabrics and even right down to the boots! Her wig is amazingly accurate and gives a real-world feel to an otherwise stiff hairdo. Her props are absolutely out of this world awesome – they look so cool! I look forward to following her and seeing more of her work.


Photography by John Jiao Photography