Square-Enix Unveils Final Fantasy XV DirectX 12 Demo

This year at Build 2015, Microsoft paired with NVIDIA and Square-Enix to present a unique demo of their new DirectX 12 graphics platform, using Final Fantasy XV, the NVIDIA GameWorks Effects Studio, and four GeForce GTX Titan graphics cards (which cost about a thousand dollars a piece). In the demo, known as WITCH CHAPTER 0 [cry], we see the level of detail and fidelity capable on the new Microsoft graphics platform. In quite possibly one of the best real-time rendered graphics to come to video games, we see the same level of detail and quality we’ve come to expect from cinematic cutscenes, which are all pre-rendered and thus not nearly as hardware demanding.

This demo highlights the ability of DX12 to push significantly more data through the pipeline with over 63 million polygons that, again, are being rendered in real-time. While this is not nearly an ideal scenario as the system pushing the program is using over $4,000 worth of graphics hardware, but it sets an excellent benchmark for graphics card manufacturers to push their technologies even further. Using 8k by 8k textures, each pore of the skin, each strand of the hair, and each ripple of the lips are clearly visible and strikingly detailed. Check out the video below, uploaded courtesy of YouTube user Michael Wieczorek. Ultimately, as this demo is built on Windows platforming with NVIDIA technology, hopefully we can expect this level of detail to be capable in the PC version of Final Fantasy XV.