Star Guardian Lux Cosplay is a Sparkling Beauty

Often declared as being “OP”, Lux is one League of Legends champion that you don’t want to underestimate.  Sure, she is young, cute, and bubbly, but her magical prowess is enough to take down even the biggest, baddest of opponents.


One of her newest, most popular skins, Star Guardian, was an instant success, especially amongst Sailor Moon fans.  Cosplayer Andrasta decided to become Star Guardian Lux in a flash of color and style.  Andrasta looks simply gorgeous as Star Guardian Lux, with every detail down pact.  Visit Andrasta’s Facebook page and be sure to give her a Like to keep up-to-date on her future cosplay work!

star-guardian-lux-cosplay-1 star-guardian-lux-cosplay-3


Photography by Kristos Foto