Star Trek 3 Title Rumored to be “Star Trek Beyond”

Star Trek 3 has been in the planning phases for some time, with the filmmakers working on pulling together the cast and script for the third film in the rebooted Star Trek series.

The Motion Picture Association of America, MPAA, has the title listed as registered according to Secondly, there are sources that are willing to confirm the information is legitimate, making Star Trek Beyond the official film title. Although there is a listing and a source or two confirming the news, Paramount has yet to confirm the new and rumored title.

The title ties back into what Simon Pegg said about sending the franchise in a new direction. Pegg said a couple of weeks back, “[W]e just want to take it forward with the spirit of the TV show. And it’s a story about frontierism and adventure and optimism and fun, and that’s where we want to take it, you know. Where no man has gone before – where no one has gone before, sensibly corrected for a slighter more enlightened generation.”

Star Trek 3 is slated to land in theaters in 2016, meaning prep and filming could be coming any moment.