Star Trek’s Nyota Uhura Gets Sexy Cosplay


When Uhura entered Starfleet Academy in circa.2257, she studied at the Starfleet College of Communication and excelled in spatial navigation, Duotronics, and cryptography skills under Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Finney.

Her time as a cadet crossed over with the Academy career of James T. Kirk. When the Academy campus was locked down with an accusation of misconduct by Captain Matthew Decker, Uhura agreed to break curfew rules with Kirk and a group of other cadets to investigate the problem. They discovered that Decker’s accusation was false, and had been planted in the computer as a test to see how the cadets would perform under pressure. Decker later congratulated the class for working together to prove their innocence, without fighting amongst themselves.


UUhura transferred aboard the USS Enterprise in 2262 as Chief Communications Officer, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. Much like the rest of the Enterprise crew at that time, she developed fierce loyalty for Captain Pike. So, when James T. Kirk assumed command in 2264, she was unsure about the young captain. A skilled singer, she sometimes performed music and improv with Lieutenant J.G. Spock on the crew rec deck. Six years later, in 2270, Lieutenant Arex, a harpist, joined. One of Uhura’s favorite songs was “The Moon’s a Window to Heaven”. Nevertheless, Uhura’s first conversation with Kirk saw him praise her father and express regret over his loss, thus earning Uhura’s respect.


The name Uhura is derived from the Swahili word “Uhuru” meaning freedom and her given name, Nyota, translating to “star”. Having grown up with Stark Trek, seeing Star Trek cosplays bring me as much joy as a little girl sees her favourite Disney characters in cosplay at conventions. Gorgeous American cosplayer, IvyCosplay, models Uhura perfectly. This cosplay is hotter than Picard’s Earl Grey tea!



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