Star Trek’s Spock Gets Feminine Through Cosplay


Star Trek: Into Darkness debuts in theaters on May 17th, just a few weeks after the newly-released Star Trek game, which hit store shelves last week. In this new adventure we will follow Kirk and Spock through the galaxy, wandering endlessly through new worlds, along with discovering new aliens and exploring more areas of the Starship Enterprize. The gameplay will also include jumping and floating through zero gravity and will include lots of new 23rd century weapons to play around with.

Spock is probably the most well-known character from the Star Trek series, so today we’re looking at Raskolnikova-Sonya’s fem version of him. She manages to keep the main characteristics of Spock’s outfit as well as adding a beautiful feminine twist on it. She keeps Spock’s seriousness in her photos, while also portraying that secret fun side that he sometimes lets show through. Her eyes are so striking, literally windows into the soul, staring into ours. She even suits that blunt-cut fringe that hides that very clever brain that we all know Spock for.




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Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen