Star Wars’ Beastly Wampa Cosplay is Fierce

For those of you unfamiliar with the iconic white fur and horned silhouette, a Wampa is an ice creature found in the Outer Rim Territories – namely Hoth. Carnivorous, bipedal beasts with jagged teeth and long claws, Wampas were prized by hunters and used in illegal gladiatorial pit fighting from time to time when they were removed from Hoth.


Ani-Mia doesn’t have any jagged teeth – but she does have a super cute raver wampa cosplay! Using lush white faux fur, she constructed a party Wampa cosplay of a fuzzy miniskirt and fur covered bralette top. Complete with fur booties and those tell-tale horns, Ani-Mia’s Wampa interpretation is so fun and different!