Star Wars Episode 7: Chewie We're Home

‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Trailer #2 Breakdown

If you haven’t seen the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII yet, I recommend that you crawl out from that rock under which you’ve been living, and check it out. The teaser trailer was released over the weekend and, as I watched it, I knew that I was seeing something pretty amazing. Hitting almost 90 million views in its first twenty-four hours, it has already broken the Youtube record for most trailer views in a single day. I’ve probably watched it around fifteen times or so, and even babies understand the awesome power behind the new trailer:

Episode VII is definitely one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and if the hype holds up and the movie is even anywhere near as good as the trailer, I’m pretty confident that, come December, it will absolutely shatter box office records. There are so many things that this trailer does right, so let’s examine the parts that make it the most epic two minutes of your life.


This Giant, Busted Star Destroyer and X-Wing

Star Destroyer and X-Wing
The trailer opens with a wide pan shot across a new planet called Jakku. Jakku will apparently be an important planet to the rebellion, and is the home of Rey, who we can just barely see speeding along the sand in the background during this scene. As the shot continues, we see a broken X-Wing in the foreground, and a massive, busted up Star Destroyer behind it. This is a perfect way to start the trailer. It clearly demonstrates the timeline of the new film, and also shows that even though the Empire was defeated, its remains are still around and will likely continue to pose a threat to the galaxy.


The Skywalker’s Family Lineage

Star Wars Darth Vader mask in The Force Awakens
Mark Hamill provides a brief voice over as Luke, saying “The Force is strong in my family. My father has it,” wait. Has it? Not had it? Surely Vader couldn’t have survived the concluding events of Episode VI, right? We even see his melted, charred helmet in this scene, so is Luke simply implying that Anakin’s spirit lives on, as we see at the end of Return of the Jedi? Or maybe Luke is just quoting this dialogue verbatim from Episode VI. Or does he mean something else entirely?

Anyways, continuing on. “My father has it, I have it, my sister has it. You have that power, too.” In this scene, we also see someone who is probably Luke (judging by the mechanical arm) reach out to R2-D2. Its not surprising that R2 is in the film, since he was confirmed as a character a while ago. But he is the first character from previous movies to make an appearance, and, along with C3PO, is one of just two characters to appear in all seven films.

As Luke speaks about Leia having the Force as well, we see someone, maybe Rey, hand someone else, possibly Leia, Luke’s lightsaber, which is definitely one of the coolest lightsabers around. We aren’t sure who the ‘you’ is that Luke is referring to, but again, logic dictates that one of these characters is Rey.


Kylo Ren

Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren
This new Sith villain just looks so freaking cool. First, we see him swing his awesome and super controversial lightsaber, and then another shot zooms in on his face (if he actually has one) as he Force pulls or pushes on some unseen object. It’s interesting that the cross-guard lightsaber debate hasn’t started up again, probably because everyone now realizes how awesome it is.

Despite the shortness of the scene, the way that Kylo Ren swings the new saber is very informative, and confirms my theory (in my mind, at least) about a new fighting style. The saber looks quite heavy, and Ren will likely be fighting in an old-school, broadsword combat style. It won’t be quick and flashy and full of enough spins to make amusement park rides jealous like the combat from the prequel trilogy. Ren will likely fight with slow. crushing, and deliberate blows. Who doesn’t love a good bad guy? I think Kylo Ren will be a great one, and I can’t wait to see him in all his glory.

Moving on, let’s go over a trilogy of Stormtrooper awesomeness:


New Stormtrooper Design

Star Wars The Force Awakens new stormtrooper design
The Stormtroopers get a makeover in Episode VII. The change isn’t drastic, but the new lines running along the front of the helmets are pretty cool. It distinguishes them as the ‘new’ Stormtroopers, and also looks fierce and animalistic, almost like war paint. There are also, clearly, hundreds of Stormtroopers lined up in this scene in front of a new Imperial base. Not a good sign for the rebels. Also, check out the background of this scene. To the left, there are some tie fighters (which also have a new design), and to the right, there is a classic laser cannon. It sure looks pretty cold out there…is this Hoth?



Star Wars The Force Awakens Finn
The entire cast and crew behind Episode VII have been extremely tight lipped about every aspect of the movie. Even though very little concrete information is known, we do know that this guy’s name is Finn that he is (maybe) a Stormtrooper. Throughout the trailer, we see him in both Trooper and non-Trooper attire. Some think he may be a rebel double agent, disguising himself as one of the Imperial soldiers. I hope that that isn’t the case, and that he is an actual Stormtrooper because then that would bring a whole new level of depth, emotion, and development that hasn’t been explored in the Troopers yet. Finn constantly looks terrified and out of breath, and if he really is a Trooper, that means that they all have separate thoughts, feelings, and personalities. And that’s just plain cool.


The Chrome Trooper

Star Wars Episode 7 chrometrooper
We pretty much know nothing about this Stormtrooper. Speculation states that his or her name is Captain Phasma, and that’s all we know, really. But presumably, the Chrome Trooper is some kind of beefed up special ops soldier tasked with more important missions than his regular counterparts. He/she gives off a major bounty hunter vibe, so maybe the character is similar to Boba Fett. But regardless, there is plenty of Stormtrooper action in the trailer to get your blood pumping.



Star Wars The Force Awakens Spaceship

For real? An airborne battle taking place inside the shell of that crashed Star Destroyer? Spaceships within spaceships? Yeah, spaceship-ception. We get a pretty good look at the Millennium Falcon in this scene, as well as those new tie fighters and the classic fighter pilot. It’s scenes like this one that really get me excited for Episode VII, and if spaceship-ception is any indication, the film is going to have some seriously epic action sequences.

We also get to see the interior of the Falcon on two occasions, and while it looks pretty dingy and dirty, it always has, hasn’t it?


We’re Home!

Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewie We're Home

So, we get to hear Luke’s voice, and maybe see Leia’s hand. But finally, as the trailer draws to a close, we see Han Solo and Chewie, as Han says, “Chewie, we’re home!” The ‘home’ that Han is referring to is debatable, but I would argue that he is talking about being back in his baby, the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. I know a fair amount of fanboys that got a little teary-eyed and emotional at this point in the trailer, and that’s totally understandable. Han looks great, and it’s amazing to see him back in the Falcon after all these years.


The Musical Score

Lastly, I just want to touch on the piece of music that plays throughout the trailer. It starts off with the “Binary Sunset/Force Theme” from the original trilogy, and then gorgeously transitions into a new piece of music composed by the master of movie scores, John Williams. In a recent interview, Williams stated that he was excited to score Episode VII, and to revisit classic musical themes and combine them with new ones, which is exactly what he does here. This new theme grows and builds with each measure, and the chord progression and dissonant notes are so undeniably Star Wars.

Reportedly, Williams won’t be composing the music for the sequels or spin-offs, so we’d better enjoy this score while we can.
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So, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, make sure to check it out here. It is a perfect trailer, and repeats almost nothing from the teaser from a few months ago. If there were any naysayers about Episode VII last week, I’m sure they’ve changed their minds by now.

What do you think of the new Star Wars trailer? What’s your favorite part? What are you most excited for? Sound off in the comments! And be sure to check out the full video version of my Star Wars Episode VII Trailer #2 breakdown below!