Star Wars Week: A Gorgeous Slave Leia Rapunzel Crossover Cosplay

At All That’s Cosplay, we love crossover cosplays.  These cosplays are unique and often combine two of our favorite franchises into one epic masterpiece.  That is why when we saw Maid of Might’s Slave Leia Rapunzel crossover cosplay, we were absolutely amazed, as our staff is filled with both Star Wars and Disney fans.


Maid of Might expertly created her cosplay by keeping Leia’s signature slave outfit and combining it with Rapunzel’s long, blonde locks, flowery garnishes, and frog companion. This cosplay is absolutely gorgeous, and Maid of Might has surely proven herself to be both an incredibly talented cosplayer.  Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more of her epic cosplay work!

rapunzel-slave-leia-cosplay-3 rapunzel-slave-leia-cosplay-4


Photography by Manny Llanura



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