Star Wars Week: ATC’s Hekady in Sexy Stormtrooper Cosplay

All this week we have been showcasing epic Star Wars cosplays in honor of the announcement of the next Star Wars’ title, The Force Awakens.  We have featured characters both on the dark and the light sides, but we haven’t showcased one of the most well-known forces of the Star Wars series, the Stormtrooper.  However, ATC’s Hekady created a beautiful, more sexy Stormtrooper cosplay that might just make you love them even more than you already did!


Hekady keeps the Stormtrooper’s signature bulky white helmet along with Star Wars’ authentic weapon, a lightsaber, to maintain the classic feel of Star Wars.  At the same time, she adds a corset and knee high boots to shine a sexier light on the once-heavily-armored soldiers.  Hekady has become quite well-known for this cosplay, and it is no wonder why! Be sure to check out more of Hekady’s work at her Facebook page!



Photography by Jesus Clares



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