Star Wars Week: ATC’s Zombie Bit Me in Gorgeous Princess Leia Cosplay

Last week, fans of the Star Wars series were informed that the next movie in the beloved series would be titled “The Force Awakens.”  In honor of this epic news, we decided that this week had to be devoted to epic cosplays of our favorite Star Wars characters.  Of course, we have to start with the gorgeous and popularly cosplayed Princess Leia, as ATC’s very own Zombie Bit Me has cosplayed her to absolute perfection.


While we tend to see plenty of Slave Leia cosplays, Zombie chose to sport Princess Leia’s hooded, flowy white garb, and it suits her stunningly.  The added touch to this cosplay is the sandy backdrop reminiscent of the various sandy planets featured in Star Wars.   Zombie Bit Me’s Princess Leia is without a doubt one of our favorite Leia cosplays to date, and we can’t wait to see what she has planned next!



Photography by FirstGlance Photography




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