Stocking is a Gothic Beauty in This Amazing Cosplay

Panty and Stocking is an anime that most have come to love, enjoying the characters that the show has put on display. Amongst them is Stocking — whose name just happens to be in the title, and she is a dark haired angel. While she might be the younger of the two Anarchy sisters, that doesn’t take away from how mature she can be — or how mature looking.

While Stocking can maintain a level headed and intelligent appearance, he can become angered if provoked. She’s addicted to sweets and thanks to a lovely metabolism, the girl doesn’t seem to lose weight. More often than not, people believe that she is Gluttony brought to life — seeing as she tends to over indulge when it comes to sweets. Panty has quite the interest in sex but Stocking doesn’t share the same liking, though she does have BDSM tendencies.


For many reasons, cosplayers have taken to putting on stockings and becoming the character — not that anyone could blame them. While there have been more than a handful of cosplayers who have taken to becoming Stocking, only a few deserve higher praise. Felin LaPaige is one of the cosplayers who has done one of the better jobs with Stocking, taking her playfulness and sexiness and putting it into one cosplay. Additionally, it would appear that she’s put thought into her take on Stocking — the details that make the character her coming to life beautifully.

Photography by David Love Photography