Stormtroopers Receive New Life with a Hip-Hop Feel through Cosplay


Stormtroopers, the white clad enforcers of the Empire, are known for inflicting terror among people throughout the galaxy. They provide an endless supply of soldiers, often ruthlessly enforcing the Empire’s will. Blindly following the Emperor’s commands, they quickly gained a reputation for using unnecessary force and aggression in their missions to achieve their objectives.


Hip Hop Trooper has taken that bland white Stormtrooper armor and given it a fresh update. It is amazing what a little paint can do as the red color really makes this Stormtrooper stand out in a crowd. While the paint jazzes up his look, it is the added embellishments that give it that wow factor. With a gold chain around his neck and gold cassette tapes attached to his armor, this trooper takes a step towards the “modern” world. The white stripes and Adidas logos painted on the armor bring in his matching kicks to complete the outfit. Instead of being equipped with a blaster rifle, he comes with a matching red boom box emblazoned with Trooper across the top. This is one trooper I would want to get down on the dance floor with.





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