Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplay Will Kick Her Way Into Your Heart

Hi-yaaaa! Chun Li is ready to fight and those who doubt her will be in trouble, seeing as she believes herself to be the “strongest woman in the world”. Not that many would argue otherwise, as she’s quite resilient and strong in demeanor — being able to take down her enemies with a swift kick. Chun Li was the first female fighter introduced to the Street Fighter franchise and is seen as one of the main characters within the series. She might not be as strong as the rest of them but she makes up for it in speed, giving her that extra edge.


Wanting to embody such a spitfire only seems logical and cosplayers seem to agree. Though there have been many to don Chun Li’s infamous blue outfit not everyone has done it with such brilliance. Carolina Angulo is amongst the top ranks, bringing Chun Li to life with ease. Check out more of her work on her Facebook or Deviantart.

chun-li-cosplay-1 chun-li-cosplay-3

Photography by Michael Humunculo and Ramon Cabrera