This Street Fighter Juri Cosplay is Maniacally Beautiful

Juri Han is a newer member to the Street Fighter roster. This Korean beauty is the definition of chaotic evil. She lives for the fight and the infliction of pain upon others. She has a deep knowledge of Tae Kwon Do which is enhanced by the Feng Shui Engine. Juri has no moral compass and is always looking at what will benefit herself.

Everyone enjoys a good villain, and Juri is one of the most alluring ones. Her existence in the Street Fighter series is due to a request from many Korean fans to introduce a Korean character to the roster. As a fan requested character, she is a favorite amongst many Street Fighter fans who prefer the more offensive fighting style. Her popularity is sure to experience another surge as Kotobukiya is now launching a Bishoujo-style figurine of her next year.


Vanessa Wedge cosplays Juri Han beautifully! She nails all the small details from the pink nails to the ribbons in her hair. Vanessa has several cosplays under her belt and she never fails to miss the small, but defining details of the characters. She brings Juri to life with the perfect evil yet seductive and a wee-bit crazy expressions.



For more of Vanessa’s work, visit her Facebook and DeviantART pages!
Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi.


Written by Guest Contributor: CaydenVierra
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