Street Fighter Week: A Sexy Cosplay of R. Mika!

r-mika-cosplay-1Photography by SGH PhotoArt

Rainbow Mika is one of our favorite Street Fighter characters of all time. She is a Japanese wrestler who grapples with stealth and agility. Those who choose to play as her must be able to strategize to take advantage of her specials and defeat her enemies without weapons. She dressed flamboyantly to stand out amongst other wrestlers. She loves amping up the crowd with her epic moves. She is very determined to achieve her dream to become the “Star of the Ring”.

r-mika-cosplay-2Photography by Bryan Humphrey

Kristen Hughey gives R. Mika justice with this sexy cosplay. Her big, blue pigtails and revealing uniform are perfect. If she were to stand in the ring next to R. Mika, they would be indistinguishable. She exhibits the great strength, confidence and determination that radiates from R. Mika’s core. From her sprightly personality and proud expressions to her seductive attire, we absolutely love everything about this cosplay of the powerful R. Mika.

r-mika-cosplay-3Photography by M9 Cosplay




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Written by Guest Contributor: Wonderflexwoman