Street Fighter Week: This Cammy White Cosplay Turns Heads

Cammy White is one of the sexiest characters in the Street Fighter series, but also one of the most skilled. She was the second female character in Street Fighter and she is the most prominent member of the New Challengers. She is skilled in Delta Red Self Defense Training and Shadaloo Fighting Techniques. She is sometimes referred to by her codename, “Killer Bee” and is very strong, with great willpower to succeed. She is very caring towards the people she is close with; however, she can be ruthless and condescending to anybody she does not respect.

Raychul Moore’s Street Fighter Cammy White Cosplay

Cammy White cosplay by Raychul Moore

Street Fighter Cammy White cosplay

Raychul Moore‘s cosplay is excellent for portraying everything Cammy is about. She completely embodies Cammy’s personality with her demeanor and facial expressions. She closely resembles Cammy with her sexy costume, blonde pigtails and camouflage paint. We love everything about this alluring, yet intimidating, cosplay of Cammy White.

cosplay of Cammy White by Rachul Moore cammy-cosplay-4

 Photography by Rick Basaluda


Written by Guest Contributor: Wonderflexwoman