Street Fighter’s Poison is a Beauty in This Epic Cosplay!


Meet Poison, one of the most minor characters in Street Fighter yet a fan favorite among gamers and cosplayers. Poison was initially introduced as a minor enemy for players to fight alongside her partner Roxy. There is a lot of fan chatter of Poison’s actual sex as she is alluded to being a transsexual in some endings and a cross-dresser in others.

They say that no news is bad news and Poison seems to be a shining example of this. Initially, Poison and Roxy were censored in two different ways in English adaptations of the original Final Fight game. They were replaced by Billy and Sid on Super Nintendo. On Sega, they were both given more modest wardrobes with longer shorts and tank tops to cover the under-cleavage.


Cosplayer CosplayLovePro brings us a perfectly sexy cosplay of Poison. She first began cosplaying in July 2011 and has created a variety of cosplays since then. She has cosplayed other lovely video game ladies such as Cammy and Morrigan as well as many anime ladies like the ever popular Yoko. Check out her page to see more of this beautiful cosplayer!




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