Street Fighter’s Sexy Poison in Gorgeous Cosplay


Whether or not you remember her from Final Fight or Street Fighter we can all agree, with her lethal fighting techniques and sex appeal, Poison is not one to mess with! Equipped with long pink/purple hair, black peak cap, white mid-riff top, a pair of denim cut-off shorts, and high heels, Poison can stop anyone in their tracks. If for some reason they didn’t, she’ll blow a poisonous kiss which will stun and get hearts racing!

Cosplayer Natalya Konina makes for an alluring Poison. She has brought to life a character we all are quite fond of and which many others like to recreate. Photographer kawaielli captured her strength and heart pounding sexiness. This cosplayer and photographer duo really has us asking, what’s your poison?



Written by Guest Contributor: Jessica Jane
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