Stunning Joker Cosplay will Make You Go Crazy


The cosplay scene wasn’t ready for this super epic and unforgettable Female Joker cosplay by HydraEvil, whom of which fits the character perfectly. With such a beautiful take on an iconic character, what’s not to love? First off, her choice of the bronze age Joker was a great decision and it worked in her favor. The purple blazer paired with the yellow vest and green button up shirt is a definitive display of the comic world’s most psychotic criminal mastermind.

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It’s easy to see her crazy attention to detail, all the way down to the exquisitely done make up and her perfect facial expressions. Her twist on the classic DC villain is sure to stand out in a crowd or just about any comic convention. HydraEvil’s excellent work paired with such an amazing display of photography skill by aKami777 makes for one awesome photo set. Head over to her DeviantArt page for more mind blowing cosplay pictures!




Written by Guest Contributor: Kitty Cosplay

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