Stunning Katarina Cosplay is Unmatched

League of Legends is one of the most popular games to cosplay from world wide. Thus spawning tons of League cosplays, setting the bar high for every league cosplayer. One of those spectacular cosplays is portrayed by the lovely Kinpatsu Cosplay. Kinpatsu’s craftsmanship is absolutely top-notch and that is directly evident in her Katarina cosplay; as you can see she has an eye for armor making, and it shows in all of her costumes. All of her armor pieces come out really nice and clean and that is something you don’t often see; craftsmanship is the essence of good cosplay.


I am amazed by the smoothness in all of her Katarina armor pieces, it truly shows her skill level. She also has really helpful tutorials on her YouTube channel explaining how she does all of her armor work. I think she is a cosplayer that everyone can learn from and she’s someone that I personally look up to in the cosplay community. If you love League of Legends cosplays you should definitely follow her because she has ton of them and I guarantee you will love all of them!


Photography by GiantShev Cosplay & Photography



Written by Guest Contributor: Kitty Catorie