Stunning Kisshou Cosplay is Ever So Elegant

Kisshou, also known as Benio is an extremely elegant and fascinating character from the anime Zone-00. Kisshou is Benio’s alter ego and has a blunt, but multi-faceted personality. He can be both aggressive and coy in the same breath. Benio, as Kisshou, speaks in third person and is a Yatagarasu, which is a three legged monster bird who can control the winds and grow a pair of angelic wings. Cosplayer KiaraBerry brings Kisshou to life with this incredibly perfect cosplay. The details such as the red scars and red feathers really bring dimension to her cosplay of Kisshou, and the dark environment chosen makes her scintillate all the more against the backdrop.

kisshou-cosplay-2 kisshou-cosplay-3

Photography by Eduard Luzhetskiy