Stunning Poison Cosplay Knocks Out The Competition

Poison is a well known and adored character from the Street Fighter video game franchise. Players were first able to rule the roost as Poison in Street Fighter X Tekken. A friend and manager of Hugo, and a member of the group Mad Gear, Poison was actually named after the 80s glam metal band of the same name. Her fighting style mainly consists of acrobatic pro-wrestling moves and street fighting abilities. Her whip and handcuffs are also used to aid her in combat.



Cosplayer Khainsaw kills it as Poison, menacingly wielding her riding crop to threaten away anyone who dares challenge her might. She poses in a dark, gritty setting that offsets her vibrant cosplay. Khainsaw as Poison really is a true knockout, a triple threat of brains, brawn, and beauty!



Photography by HOTPOT Photography and ModelMosa