Stunning Poison Ivy Cosplay Blooms Before Our Eyes

Poison Ivy, previously known as Dr Pamela Lillian Isley, a botanist who, after being injected by poisons and toxins by her professor, and coming back from death twice, emerges as the villainess Poison Ivy. Laura Crystal Cosplay poses elegantly as Poison Ivy amidst a beautifully verdant landscape lush with plant life. The leaves that comprise her costume are beautifully assembled and drape across her body in a fashion that Poison Ivy herself would be very familiar with. Her red hair vibrantly pops against the natural landscape and really ties the cosplay together. Laura Crystal Cosplay truly blooms with beauty in in this incredible Poison Ivy cosplay!

poison-ivy-cosplay-2 poison-ivy-cosplay-3 poison-ivy-cosplay-1


Photography by Alessio Buzi