Stunning Shego Cosplay Makes Us Green With Envy

Everyone remembers the standout villainess of Disney Channel’s hit show Kim Possible; none other than the lady in black and green, Shego. Sassy, sarcastic, and sly, this villainess teams up as the sidekick to the goofy, yet nefarious Dr. Drakken. The pair are constantly at odds with Kim Possible and her sidekick, Ron Stoppable. Although Shego’s standout power is generating green energy from her hands; she is also very skilled in other areas including hand to hand combat and the infiltration of highly secured facilities. Suchi Cosplay makes an incredible Shego, perfectly encapsulating every detail from her pale white complexion to her trademark green and black jumpsuit. Suchi Cosplay has even recreated Shego’s green energy to prove she’s ready for any fight!

shego-cosplay-2 shego-cosplay-1


Photography by Ookami