Subject Zero Faces Her Enemies With This Masterful Cosplay


Hard to believe that it’s been seven years since the Mass Effect world was introduced to gamers, and that BioWare’s highly acclaimed titles have given players something to hold on to. Despite the numerous years that have passed since Mass Effect’s originally release – and the time that has lapsed since the latest entry into the series, players are still talking about the story that Mass Effect has to offer as well as the characters that were carefully constructed in order to piece it all together. Throughout the duration of the Mass Effect series, the people that Shepard grows attached to – or steers away from, have become a staple for the games. The most obvious teammates that players think of might be Kaidan Alenko, the hottie biotic turned eventual spectre, or Miranda Lawson whose toosh and sass is on men and women’s minds alike.


Despite characters like Garrus and Liara T’Soni being amongst the top talked about companions, there’s another who may not be as loved – or maybe it’s that gamers love to hate her but Jack is the more than saucy accidental friend that offers more than meets the eye. “Turns out, mess with someone’s head enough, you can turn a scared little kid into an all-powerful bitch.” If that line – chalk full of bitterness and empowerment, rings familiar that might be because it left the lips of Subject Zero, or perhaps better known as her “nickname” of sorts, Jack. For those who are unfamiliar, Jack is a takes no shit from no one woman who has been through more in her life than most could begin to fathom, and was one of the most loved companions in the Mass Effect series. While there’s no denying that each companion offered through the Mass Effect series brought something to the table, Jack brought anger and resentment that the other characters don’t seem to harness.


There’s no denying that Jack can handle herself, and has been for most of her life. Others might use tact in their decisions, Jack thinks on a whim, her anger sometimes getting the better of her. But can you blame her? Jack was subject to horrible experiments, and while Jack might be see as one of the lucky ones – lucky being a loose term, many others who were forced to undergo such experiments died. After being tortured the way she was, it’s no wonder that Jack became angry, only showing her softer side to Shepard in a certain circumstance. Some might have thought the women would never reach a turning point in her life, but taking on the work she had with her students in Mass Effect 3 shows a different side to Jack. A softer side, yes, but is her badassery completely gone? Oh, heck naw!


That’s why cosplayers choose to take on such a persona. Jack is a bit like an M&M, hard on the outside soft on the inside – but like I said not too soft. With a harsh exterior, Jack hides her emotions, like a cosplayer gets to mask their true self, and takes on the world with ease. Perhaps she’s not as orthodox as the “typical” but that doesn’t take away from how much of a role model Jack is. A masterpiece like Subject Zero takes time, and attention to detail to put together and Miss Sinister has done just that. There’s much more to Jack’s demeanor and overall attitude than a shaved head and a few tattoos, and stringing them all together in a way that pays homage and serves justice to Jack as a character is hard to come by, at least in most cases. A big round of applause goes out to Miss Sinister for being one of the best Jacks out there.

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