Suikoden III Might be Headed to PlayStation 3

According to PEGI, the European videogame classification board, a rating has been issued for the PlayStation 3 role-playing game Suikoden III. Originally released in 2002 in Japan and North America, the Suikoden series has roots dating back to 1995, based loosely on the classic Chinese novel Shui Hu Zhuan. While a PEGI rating does not necessarily constitute a full release, it does mean that someone had to pay for it, and with a release date of 4/15/2015, clearly the actual release date has yet to be disclosed.

It would be worth note that the previous Suikoden games are already on PlayStation 3, with Suikoden III having had a previous localization effort that ultimately fell through. Suikoden III follows the story of three different factions, each with their own troubles and politics that must be contended to. No US release has been verified, however it wouldn’t be hard to imagine North American markets catching the game when it hits European PSN as well.