Sultry Silk Cosplay Will Catch You in Her Web

Silk is one the newest, deadliest additions to the Spider Man franchise. Not known to many, Peter Parker wasn’t the only one to be bitten by the radioactive arachnid. Cindy Mood was also bitten just before the spider passed. Unlike Peter, Cindy wasn’t able to control her sticky abilities, so she was taken to a facility to help adapt and learn to control her new powers.

Twee Nee Cosplay is the cutest web-slinger around! This stunning arachnid sure is one that I wouldn’t mind being bitten by. Her poses are so effortlessly perfect that Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield certainly have a few things to learn. Seeing Twee Nee’s photos makes me hope that Silk will appear in the new Spider Man movie because I can’t get enough!



Photography by Mineralblu Photography and 6 Sided Productions



Written by Guest Contributor: Julie Kitten