A Super Cosplay of DC Comics’ Power Girl

Power Girl is the Earth-Two counterpart of Supergirl. She is also known as Karen Starr and Kara of Atlantis. She is a cousin of Kal-L, Superman’s Earth-Two counterpart. When she was an infant, her parents helped her escape the destruction of Krypton.

Variable as Power Girl

She possesses the classic Kryptonian powers, such as super strength, super speed, super vision (microscopic, heat, x-ray, telescopic), super hearing, flying, and invulnerability. She can also heal herself quickly. She was the mother of Equinox, who aged rapidly and disappeared. She is a member and chairwoman of Justice Society of America. She was also affiliated with Justice League, Infinity, Inc., Sovereign Seven, Suicide Squad, and Birds of Prey, and is partners with the Huntress.

Power Girl Cosplayer Variable shows off her musces

We love Variable‘s portrayal of Power Girl. In fact, we almost mistook her for Power Girl! Her costume is identical and she pulls it off extremely well. She renders strength and power, of course. Her posture presents confidence and aptitude. Don’t mess with this Kryptonian beauty!

Power Girl poses in front of building
Written by Guest Contributor: WonderflexWoman

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