Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct Details Summarized


It’s hard not to still be excited from today’s Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, especially with how much information came out from it. While players have been fed most of the information – either by way of recollection or directly from watching the Nintendo Direct, it might have gotten all jumbled. All gamers need to do is wipe the drool from them mouths, take a deep breath, and get ready for a summarization of what they can expect from Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U and 3DS. In addition to the new game mode Smash Run that was announced for the 3DS version of the game as well as Charizard and Greninja coming to the roster as playable characters, the differences between what players can expect for the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game were touched on, what online multiplayer is going to be like, and much more.

For starters, the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game will be the same in roster, but not the same as far as stages goes. That’s right. Some of the stages that Nintendo has revealed to gamers will not be on both platforms, which might put a bit of a damper on players who don’t have both a 3DS and Wii U. For stages, the Nintendo Direct let on the Rainbow Road, Gerudo Valley, Prism Tower, Mario Galaxy, and more than a handful of other stages will be headed to either the 3DS and Wii U. Another feature difference will be the music. When it comes to the 3DS, players will be able to experience two songs for each stage. For the Wii U, however, players will be able to tap into a plethora of songs to choose from, each from various different Nintendo ventures. Oh yeah, and did we mention that the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. will be running at sixty frames per second? While we’re on the subject of stages, it probably won’t hurt to mention that some will have bosses. One in particular is a Mega Man stage that features Dr. Wily’s castle in the background, and comes with a yellow devil boss. Players get to compete in order to take the yellow devil down, and whoever gets the defeat causes an explosion that will be used to attack other opponents.

Both the Wii U and 3DS will have online multiplayer, which is pretty exciting news in itself. On the Wii U, players will be able to play just with their buddies, and while the 3DS will allow gamers to play online they might want to make sure that their connection is smooth before doing so. Something new that is being implemented both versions will be the For Fun, and For Glory online multiplayer options. For Fun generates stages at random, giving players access to all items, where they can play Smash Battles only, and their wins will be recorded. For Glory has players only on the final destination stage, where items will not be given to players, 1v1 battles are possible, and both wins and losses will be recorded. Don’t worry, when you’re grouping up with your friends rules can be customized to a players’ liking. By the way, most stages now have final destination stages. Nintendo is also attempting to make online play more enjoyable by putting temporary bans on players who start up and don’t play, who target one individual, engage in multiple self destructs, frequently drop, cheat and send in baseless reports. Last but not least, Global Smash Power has been created. Essentially, Global Smash Power shows that the bigger the Global Smash Power, the strong the player. This allows gamers to compare themselves to others, and know just how many other players – even if it’s in the hundreds of thousands, they are better than. In addition, there will be no multiplayer ranking but there will be some matchmaking done depending on skill.

Items were also touched on during the Nintendo Direct, and Sakurai let on that there would be a beam sword, smart bomb, bumper, motion sensor bomb, bottle fairy and other goodies players will be able to use to their advantage, and yes assist trophies are back. Some players have also been tweaked, like Sheik and Zelda, though most notably might be Yoshi. The green dinosaur is making a return, but this time around with a different posture. In Super Smash Bros. Yoshi will be able to stand upright, and appropriate changes have been made in order to accommodate the dino’s new stance. One new player that was highlight was Rosalina who has a helper with her. Rosalina is able to shoot her Luma, allowing the two to become somewhat independent fighters. There will also be both male and female Wii Fit trainers who use healthy methods in order to amp up their fighting. One super exciting highlight? Characters will have new special moves, and Mario’s was shown off!

As for the Nintendo Direct, that was the biggest chunks of information that was handed over by Nintendo and Sakurai himself. Get excited, folks! While a release date has not officially been announced for Super Smash Bros. it’s on its way, and this game seems like it aims to please!




Source: Nintendo Direct