Superb Satsuki Kiryuin Cosplay is Honnoji Academy’s Finest


Satsuki Kiryuin from the popular anime Kill la Kill is one young woman who certainly knows what she wants, and almost always gets it through a fierce demeanor and the highest amount of power over Honnoji Academy.  As the Student Council President, Satsuki reigns supreme from her high throne, always overwatching all of Honnoji Academy’s lesser students.

Satsuki’s outwardly unemotional demeanor is definitely hard to pull off; however, one cosplayer by the name of Misdreavus M Cosplay has done so perfectly.  Sporting Satsuki’s kamui junketsu, Misdreavus looks powerful, vicious, and aggressive, just like the amazing Satsuki Kiryuin herself.

Photography by David Love



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