Supergirl TV Series Coming to CBS

How many potential TV shows hit the rumor mill but then don’t air or barely crawl to the end of the first season to never appear again? Poor Wonder Woman has been delayed so much that many have lost hope. Despite some misfires, there are several comic book characters who are getting ready to make their jump onto the small screen. This year, Agent Carter is getting her own standalone series, while Arrow and The Flash are entering their 3rd and 1st seasons. Now, Supergirl is getting ready to join the lineup after CBS has officially committed to the series.

Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti, co-collaborators on No Ordinary Family, have been working around the clock to make the Supergirl series a reality. CBS agreed to add the show to their line up after CW failed to bring it to their network.

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In the series, Kara Zor-El passes as a regular human upon arriving to earth. But the 20-something Kara we will be seeing is the one who will be taking in her abilities and going rogue, or epic warrior to some. The series will also be along the same lines as Arrow or The Flash.

Greg Berlanti told Variety, “we’re well past due for those kind of characters in film and TV.” CBS will also have an opportunity to hit the ground running with a popular comic book hero.

In other television news, Jessica Jones will be surfacing on Netflix and CW will premiere iZombie sometime this fall.

Supergirl will more than likely be appearing on CBS next fall.