Survive Gun Gale Online with this Sinon Cosplay

Sinon is the in-game character of Shino in Gun Gale Online, a game where the creator has gone mad and locked all the players in the virtual world. On of the main female characters, she is the first girl that Kirito meets in the anime series Sword Art Online. A calm and friendly person, she is always willing to help others. While it takes a bit to anger her, her wrath is nothing to mess with when she actually reaches that point. A skilled sniper, she is often nicknamed Hecate after her rifle.


Cosplayer Ainlina becomes Sinon in this spot on cosplay. Wearing her desert military jacket and combat boots she is ready for any situation. White bulletproof armor and a white muffler complete the outfit. Light blue colored hair with sections tied in the front make her a mirror copy of Sinon. Wielding her Hecate sniper rifle, she can take down any target with ease.


Photography by alarzy