Survive Reality with this Alice Cosplay

Alice survived Wonderland only to be transported back to a reality more messed up than her fantasy world. Suffering trauma from the death of her family, she is finally stable enough to return to normal life. Released from Rutledge Asylum and under the care Dr. Bumbly, she suffers from a massive mental break, sending her back into Wonderland. Once again corrupt, Wonderland is falling apart and Alice’s sanity is threatened with it.


During the game, the player can obtain an outfit for Alice called Late but Lucky. This is the outfit that cosplayer Axilirator has created for her Alice cosplay. Inspired by the White Rabbit, she is wearing a top hat with rabbit ears coming out, gloves with nails at the tips and rabbit feet for shoes, she nails the rabbit features. A brown jacket with a gold pocket watch, omega necklace and white dress finish off the outfit. Wielding a knife and having amazing photo effects, Axilirator makes an amazing Alice.