Survive the Apocalypse with Saya Takagi Cosplay

Highschool of the Dead is a great anime if you love zombies a shows of the horror genre.  It features a group of teenagers as they attempt to escape their zombie-infested high school as the zombie apocalypse outbreak begins.  Each character on the show has a unique personality and contributes to the group in their own way.  Saya Takagi is the brains, and can think up clever ideas to help her friends stay alive.


Cosplayer Calssara is one of our favorites at All That’s Cosplay.  She always does a wonderful job at truly becoming the character that she cosplays as, rather than just dressing as them.  In her awesome Saya Takagi, she takes great care to making sure her costume and accessories are all spot-on to the character.  By making herself surrounded by zombies, she makes these cosplay images totally epic.




Photography by Pugoffka