Survive the Suicide Mission with this Jack Cosplay

Jack, also known as Subject Zero, is an extremely powerful biotic in the Mass Effect Series. Experimented on by Cerberus, her first act of murder came when she killed the doctor she deemed the one responsible for ruining her life. Capable of creating mass effect fields that alter space time, she was put under cryogenic stasis when she was finally captured for her criminal acts. Running into Shepard at some point in time, his personality ended up rubbing off on her, leading her to be more mature and reliable.


In Mass Effect 3, Jack sports a new look which is cosplayed here by Ormeli. A white crop top is covered with a studded black leather jacket. Camo pants with leather and belts hanging off them finish the general look. Body covered in tattoos, hair pulled back in a ponytail with the sides shaven and various ear piercings really help to bring this Jack cosplay to life.

jack-cosplay-3 jack-cosplay-1