Sweet and Beautiful Ahri the Nine Tailed Fox Cosplay

A fan favorite, Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox is one of League of Legends’ many champions. Classified as both a mage and an assassin, Ahri’s skill set suits two playing types when you’re conquering the enemy’s tower.


Ahri was born a fox in the southern woods of Ionia. However, Ahri always felt that she was missing something in her life and yearned for more. After stumbling upon a human battlefield, she absorbed the magical essence of a dying mage. From this, she transformed into her human self that we see today. Becoming human taught Ahri the pangs of mortality as well as mercy and responsibility.


Russian beauty Revien Fiennes brings Ahri to life in her classic skin. The detailing on the costume and construction of the nine tails is impressive alone, but her expression and posture really bring this cosplay to life on an epic scale! Revien Fiennes is no stranger to cosplay and you can see more of her amazing work on her page!


 Photography by Milligan Vick