Sweet Nurse Super Sonico Cosplay Cures Illnesses With Cuteness

Super Sonico is sweet, adorable, and adored by fans all over the world. This 18 year old college student is never caught without her signature headphones. And even clad in this cute and stylish nurse’s outfit, she still wears them proudly. Strawberry Censor Cosplay captures Super Sonico’s allure so perfectly, posing glamorously and showing off Super Sonico’s elegant side. Her Nurse Super Sonico cosplay is extremely spot on right down to the gorgeous lettering on her nurse’s cap and Sonico’s signature pink eyes. Nurse Super Sonico surely has the cure for love fever, as we’ve fallen completely for her!

sonico-cosplay-2 sonico-cosplay-3


Photography credits:

Spooky Electric

Cosplay Photographers

Okageo Cosplay and Photography