Swing Around Town with this Silk Cosplay

Peter Parker was not the only one bitten by that pesky spider that fateful day. Before dying the spider bit one other person, Cindy Moon, a classmate of Peter’s. Cindy exhibited her abilities a bit later but was unable to control them like Peter. Cindy’s family was approached by Ezekiel with an offer of aiding and guiding Cindy in controlling her abilities. Years later Cindy was locked up underground by Ezekiel in an effort to protect her from Morlun, a being created to hunt down people like her. Found by Spider-Man, she donned a new outfit and identity, that of Silk.


Jillian of Clint and Jillian Cosplay and Photography has woven her own epic Silk cosplay. Wearing a costume from Heros Time, the black and white body suit fits her perfectly. The photography by the other half of the duo, Clint, is amazing. Pair that with Jillian’s poses and the outstanding photo editing, this duo brings Silk to life.

silk-cosplay-3 silk-cosplay-1

Photography by Jonathan Duran
Editing by Florencia Sofen