Sword Art Online’s Blacksmith Lisbeth Turns up the Heat in this Cosplay


The series Sword Art Online is set within a game world where thousands of players are trapped. Using the Nerve Gear, technology that redirects brain signals to play the game, they must complete the game in order to escape. With death in the game meaning death in the real world, this game is no relaxing past time. Lisbeth, a self-made blacksmith is one of the main characters in the series. A normally friendly girl, she is hardworking and built her blacksmith business on her own from the bottom. With a large amount of pride in her smithing abilities, her temper can show through if someone challenges her skills.


Lisbeth’s blacksmith attire is more similar to a waitresses outfit than a blacksmiths. Composed of red and white, she keeps her appearance tidy. Cosplayer NyankoChi dons Lisbeth’s unusual garb in a detailed costume. With a red dress and white apron, she is ready to pound some steal into a fine blade. The red and yellow stripped ribbon on her top and the matching yellow arrows on her shoulders, the details are executed flawlessly. Brown boots and a red band on her leg complete the outfit. With light pink hair held back with a white clip, she is the spiting image of Lisbeth.

Photography by Pixel Adel Photography