Sword Art Online’s Leafa is a Total Doll in This Cosplay

Who’s cute from head to toe, has blonde hair, fighting skills to back up her good looks, and chooses to accentuate her looks in green and white? If you guessed Leafa then you’re right — and if you didn’t that’s alright, I’m sure whoever you were thinking of is cute too. Leafa is an adorable virtual creature, with pointy long ears like most other users within ALfheim Online. Her long blonde hair is often tied up with a flower, and her bangs hang loose. Unlike her owner — Kirigaya Suguha who is Kirito’s cousin he treats like a sister, Leafa appears to be a bit older, instead of childish. More importantly, Leafa — or Kirigaya, knows what the heck she’s doing when it comes to navigating herself through the ALfheim world, whether it’s with fighting or offering other helpful advice.


Even if she’s not exactly real — or real at all seeing as she’s a virtual avatar, Kirigaya’s good traits come through Leafa, and with her added skills she’s quite the character. With how popular Sword Art Online has become and with how appealing Leafa is, it’s not hard to see that cosplayers would want to don her green and white outfit and embody the avatar.


RomaiLee is one of the cosplayers to become Leafa that has done an amazing job with her, truly turning her from pixels to flesh — or bringing her to life if you’re not into slightly morbid descriptions. Either way, there’s no way you can’t commend RomaiLee for a job well done and that’s what we’re doing now.

Photography by Sven Rudinsky and Janine Kuffer Photography