Sword Art Online’s Sinon is Ready for Battle in Adorable and Fierce Cosplay

Asada Shino is her name, and playing VRMMOs is her game. Well, her game — or games rather, are Gun Gale Online and ALfheim Online, which the girl has docked numerous, numerous hours in. If none of this is sounding familiar, let me back track for you. Sinon, or Asada Shino, is a character featured in the popular anime Sword Art Online. A gun is her weapon of choice, which some might find ironic considering her previous trauma with them. Though, the girl turned her fear around — being able to overcome the hostility she held towards guns during her time in GGO. It was there that Sinon met Kirito and was even the first female he came across in Gun Gale online. Sinon has more than one nickname, her other being Hectate — after her rare PGM Ultima Ratio Hectate II.


Her appearance almost mimics that of her avatars, though a major difference is that Sinon’s hair is black and she wears glasses. The girl’s personality is calm and cool, being able to keep a level head even when in the thick of battle. Don’t piss her off, though, as Sinon has quite the temper and despite her level head it can get the better of her. However, if you’re lucky enough for her to consider you a friend then she’ll be by your side until the end.


The traits that Sinon possesses are more than admirable, and being able to keep calm and cool even in the toughest situations is hard to do. It’s hard to not want to be more like her and for those that cosplay they are making this a reality. No longer is Sinon just a mere animation — a character made up for viewers to enjoy, but she’s come to life and that’s all thanks to Kicka Cosplay. Her take on the girl is practically breathtaking, and leaves you wanting more — good thing there’s a handful of pictures for you to enjoy!