Symmetra Maintains Order in this Overwatch Gameplay Video

Blizzard Entertainment is showing off another character for their team based sci-fi shooter Overwatch, this time detailing the India-born support character Symmetra. Bringing sentries, shields, and teleporters into combat, Symmetra helps keep her allies alive, nail down defenses, and blip her allies across the battlefield making her essential for defensive missions and play styles. In this footage taken from an actual game match, we see her put down a number of turrets, pick apart her enemies with her photon projetors, and repeal damage with her shield, with the team eventually coming to victory.

Overwatch is the team based shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment, combining a variety of different characters to create something for every kind of player. From support roles, to damage, to healers and tanks, there’s a role for everyone and plenty of polish to make the experience truly shine. Currently no release date has been given, but looking at the variety of gameplay videos Blizzard has been releasing, the game is more than on its way. A closed beta is expected to drop later this year. Overwatch will be available on PC and Mac.