Syndra Cosplay Will Blow You Away

Syndra is truly a force to be reckoned with in the League of Legends. Her immense power grows by each passing day, and not one fiber of her mind plans to change that. After her childhood mentor tried to restrain her power in order to teach discipline, it has only made her more resilient to the practice of restraint and control. In Syndra’s mind, restraint is a sign of weakness, and that is something that this powerful Sorceress cannot afford.

My jaw is on the floor. PlaySafe has easily surpassed speechless and went straight to awe. Her armor is flawless. I cannot even fathom how PlaySafe made the headress and was able to wear it. The only explanation is by the use of her magic! I am thoroughly impressed by this, and I cannot wait to see more.




Written by Guest Contributor: Julie Kitten