Take a Dip with this Pool Party Jinx Cosplay

League of Legends has its fair share of trouble making champions. The leader of this merry band of chaos causers, however, is Jinx. Hater of boredom, she made a name for herself in Piltover, a city she had deemed the most boring. Creating havoc, causing destruction, and bringing a crime spree to the peaceful city, Jinx eluded capture. Calling out one of Piltover’s finest, Vi, she faced off with the enforcer of the law, managing, yet again, to escape.


While Jinx derives most of her pleasure in blowing things up or riddling them with bullet holes, sometimes she likes to take a break and relax by the pool. Cosplayer Shiroiaisu stuns in a hot pink bikini as she takes a dip in the pool. Wearing her signature blue hair in braids, a bullet necklace, and belts across her body, Shiroiaisu keeps Jinx’s iconic look strong in her Pool Party Jinx cosplay. Even her whimsical tattoo skills are on point!

Photography by Niew Photography