Take an Adventure with Beautiful Marceline Cosplay


Marceline is the amazing Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. She has been living for over a millennium and if viewers have their say she will be lasting so much longer. She is definitely my favorite character and I cannot wait to learn more about this character throughout the series. I am so happy about the way in which she is written into the series and although she did not start out as a good friend to Finn and Jake she becomes very close to them as their relationship progresses.

Cosplayer Amiko-Chan has brought this beautiful character to life in the most amazing way. She looks absolutely fantastic with dark hair, light skin, and fangs. The red eyes are a fun addition that really pop in the photographs and the black nails are so true to Marceline. Watch out because this cosplayer is about to take a huge bite out of the cosplay world.


I cannot wait to see more from Amiko-Chan who has created very amazing costumes from Borderlands to BioShock. Her Portal team up and cosplay is spot on so you should definitely check it out by following her on her Facebook page.




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Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt