Take Down the Bad Guys with Officer Caitlyn Cosplay

Caitlyn started her interest in sleuthing when her father was robbed when she was a teen. Tracking down the assailants, her crime busting passion was lit. Wanting to keep her daughter safe, her mother started outfitting Caitlyn with various hextech enhancements. Rising to fame for her accomplishments, she became the Sheriff of Piltover. Leading the city to having the lowest crime rate in years, she was called in by Demacia to help capture a burglar who had been committing high profile robberies. To this day, “C” has evaded capture, bringing Caitlyn to the League of Legends in search of her quarry.


A perfect skin for Caitlyn, milk-dr0p wows in her Officer Caitlyn cosplay. Wearing a two piece officer uniform inspired outfit, she is stunning. The blue top is snug, showing off the black bra underneath. Blue ruffle skirt and black belt, along with the matching officers hat complete the look. Hand cuffs hang off her belt and sniper bullets are wrapped around her legs. Wielding her sniper rifle and blocking out the sun with black sunglasses, Milk Dr0p‘s attention to detail really brings Caitlyn to life.


Photography by Gapple Photos