Take Flight with This Amazing Cosplay of Kayle from League of Legends


Kayle is a melee champion from League of Legends with an impressive set of wings. Her versatile fighting and support abilities, and beautiful character design, make her a popular character both on and off the game. The Aether Wing skin for Kayle transforms her wings and sword into magnificent gold and glowing constructs. The skin has been a popular, albeit difficult, cosplay to attempt.


League of Legends combines a variety of character and fighting types in a fantastic battle area. The goal: to enter and destroy the enemy teams base, taking down minions and enemy characters along the way. The game artfully combines skill points, talent trees, and a huge variety of purchasable in-game items to appeal to its players.


Bonnies Cosplay has, simply put, blown us away with her Aether Wing Kayle cosplay! The impressive construction, beautiful blue glow, and Bonnies’ stunning presence make for an amazing cosplay. Bonnies Cosplay’s Aether Wing Kayle is a true masterpiece of construction and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

Photography by Orange Mochi



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