Take Flight with this Supergirl Cosplay

Kara Zor-El is the lone survivor Argo City on Krypton. Her father planned on saving Argo City but didn’t want his daughter there in case things went awry, thus he sent her to Earth where she remained in her pod for years, trapped in time. Awakening in Russia, she is confused about her surroundings. Wearing her Kryptonian battle armor, she searches for answers as to why she was sent to Earth and what happened to her home. Superman’s cousin, she also possesses the ability to fly, has supersonic hearing, is extremely strong, has x-ray vision, and can create intense heat from her eyes. Taking on his familiar moniker, and due to them both wearing the same family crest, Kara becomes Supergirl.


Cosplayer Kayla Erin dons her battle armor in this awesome Supergirl cosplay. Recreating Supergirl’s two piece ensemble, she is wearing a blue long sleeved crop top emblazoned with the “super” logo. A matching blue skirt, red cape and red boots finishes off the look. Yellow highlights at the end of the sleeves and soles of the boots really make this cosplay pop.

Photography by Decade Three Photography