Take Out Criminals with this Red Hood Cosplay

Red Hood originally started out in the Batman Arkham series as a criminal, or group or criminals, that plagued the city of Gotham. The havoc wreaked by Red Hood was so severe that Mayor Hill made his apprehension one of the top priorities for the police force. After he was “run out of town” things quieted down and the Red Hood case went cold. After Jason Todd made his peace with Batman, he decided to adopt the Red Hood moniker as he went after the criminals of Gotham City. While on the right side of the law, his use of fatal force kept him at odds with his former mentor.


It’s Raining Neon stuns again in her Red Hood cosplay. Her armor is spot on, sticking with the colors of Red Hood perfectly. The aging done really makes the costume feel lived in, like it has seen many battles. Red mask shines in the light while twin pistols sit on either side of her. The Batman logo gleams in red on her chest with a strap going over it, Red Hood’s nod to the one who trained him.

Photography by Robert Farley